Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday for Moa!! Happy 18!!

hi everyone ..
in case u don't know
today ..
30- December
is my 18th birthday
i was born on:
30- December -1991
at 10:25 AM
i had a sort of a birthday party
basically.. my family bought some small cakes
and threw some colored papers on me
the one which can be pooped out of a small gun
here r the pics..
the leftovers from the cakes!!
the reloads of the gun
the gun itself
the mess that we made!!
have a nice day!!
Danger Beauty

Monday, December 28, 2009

preparations for Aashora - part 2

hi all...
this is the second part of our
aashora preparations
here r the pics..
Danger Beauty

Sunday, December 27, 2009

the preparations for 10th of Muharam (aashoora) part 1

hi everyone ..
i just wanted to share with u these photos of our preparations for the 10th of Muharam
we all know what a tragedy happened in that awful day
and in case u don't know ..
in that day we distribute food and drinks to people .. in order to remind them of the tragedy
especially in the funerals that we do for the people who died in that war
here is some of the pics ..
NOTE: if u don't have something nice to say .. then DON'T say anything
I am not interested about me being LED TO THE LIGHT
u don't have to agree with me .. but u HAVE to respect my believes
enjoy the pics!!
see ya in part 2
Danger Beauty

Saturday, December 26, 2009

i love .. my lil cousin

hi all ..
today .. i just want to tell u about a person whom i adore..
if u know me in person .. u would know that i'm not a big fan of kids
but this one .. captured my heart
meet .. Ahmad
Ahmad is 5 years old .. but he is still extremly cute
why do i love him? i have noo idea
even though in this picture he is sooo innocent..
he is very noisy
but yet .. i love him
so ..
here is more of Ahmad
hope u liked this post
with love..
danger beauty

Friday, December 18, 2009

my favorite so u think u can dance routine .. addiction by mia micheals

hi all..
i know .. didn't post for a long time
not that u would notice ..
so .. for the people who actually care ..
and watch my blog
i wanted to let u watch .. the most amazing dance routine i have ever seen
it is sooo touching .. and when i first saw it ..
i moved into tears
choreographed by mia micheals
and performed by: kayla and kupono
the theme was : addiction
i think that mia did captured that relationship between the addict and the source of addiction
if u were an addict or gone through the addiction process, and i'm talking about ANY type of addiction (work , shopping , drugs ,..etc), u would see this routine ..
or u would see yourself in kayla's place in this routine
i think that mia with this peace of art , would change many people's lives
coz this routine.. makes us know how dominating the addiction is..
and that makes us want to break free from its domination
thank u so much mia ..
and here it is..
hope u r touched as i am
Danger Beauty

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sophie Lancaster foundation!!

hi all..
right now .. i want to let u know about
the Sophie Lancaster foundation
sophie was a 20 year old girl , she was a gothic
and because of that, she was beating to death
just because a group didn't like the way she look
this is a video , that is from illumasqua (the make-up company)
the goal is to reach 100,000 watches
so please watch
so that no one else would be discriminated by his\her look
thank you
Danger Beauty

Sunday, November 15, 2009

stephanie mayer's Oprah interview!!

good day everyone..
in case u don't know
Oprah has interviewed Stephanie mayer (author of the Twilight saga)
on the 13.Nov
she talked about Twilight , New moon
(both story & movie)
about Robert Pattenson , Kristen Stewart and Taylor Luttner
it was a really great interview
probably u can watch it on Youtube ..
but i wanted to bring it to u here
part 1
part 2
with love..
Danger Beauty