Friday, December 18, 2009

my favorite so u think u can dance routine .. addiction by mia micheals

hi all..
i know .. didn't post for a long time
not that u would notice ..
so .. for the people who actually care ..
and watch my blog
i wanted to let u watch .. the most amazing dance routine i have ever seen
it is sooo touching .. and when i first saw it ..
i moved into tears
choreographed by mia micheals
and performed by: kayla and kupono
the theme was : addiction
i think that mia did captured that relationship between the addict and the source of addiction
if u were an addict or gone through the addiction process, and i'm talking about ANY type of addiction (work , shopping , drugs ,..etc), u would see this routine ..
or u would see yourself in kayla's place in this routine
i think that mia with this peace of art , would change many people's lives
coz this routine.. makes us know how dominating the addiction is..
and that makes us want to break free from its domination
thank u so much mia ..
and here it is..
hope u r touched as i am
Danger Beauty

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