Monday, October 26, 2009

Mac Style Black Review & swatches

MAC Style Black Review & swatches

 hi everyone!!

today I'm going to review the style black collection (well some of it)and show u my swatches

I'm sorry that it came so late

but what can I do? they didn't launch it here in Kuwait until last week

well .. let's get started!!

Style Black

I bought 2 shadows : blue flame & glit by association
mattene lipstick in midnight media
glimmerglass gloss in black fire
last but not least: smolder eye kohl&

I have to say that this collection is special than any other Mac collections
the range of colors is amazing
its something different than the ordinary colors

first, the shadows

Blue Flame

wet & dry

no flash

with flash

its a very beautiful color
specially when using it wet (left) it lasts for a longer time when that happens
u can see clearly that its a black shadow but with blue glitters
it looks gorgeous when wearing it with black clothes or with blue ones
however, the shadow does have a fallout
u might want to put ur foundation after doing ur eyes

glit by association

wet (top) and
dry (bottom)

no flash

with flash

this one is a very wearable color
it looks very beautiful specially on a yellow-undertone skin
or generally darker skin-tones
u can pair it with a brown or black shadows
basically, you can wear it easily
and probably u will use it more often than any other shadow from this collection
this is a black shadow(not very obvious) with gold glitters

however, I really wanted to get the other 2 shadows
but even after 2 days from the launch , they were sold out!!

ok .. tears wiped!

then the
 midnight media lipstick & black fire gloss

from top till bottom
  midnight media (one swap)
midnight media (intense)
black fire (intense)
midnight media & black fire

this one shows clearly the combination
between the midnight media and the black fire

lip swatches

midnight media & black fire

no flash

however, in the light we can see that midnight media is not clearly black
its more like Moroni black
or dark red
and I found out that it looks really cute when using it as an eyeshadow

black fire gloss

no flash

with flash

the black fire is really safe to wear it alone in the day
but don't put it very intense
or the black color will be very obvious

well, thats it
hope u have enjoyed

and one last thing, if any one said that the lipstick is for
the people who worship Saturn, I'm going to kill him!!


but seriously, not everyone wears black something call him like that
and not everyone who has a short hair is a lesbian
having a vlack lipstick can be very wearable
specially when mixing it with other colors
or using it as an eye shadow
please spare us ur pre-judgements

and thanks for everyone who don't fall into that category

Love Ya!!

Danger Beauty


Ļa ƒéммé said...

really loved the gold eye shadow

thank you :)

Anonymous said...

coooool.. you've got a great taste, i loved the eyeshadow it's really great and matching my skin since I've got the yellow skin-toned skin but frankly i didn't like the black lipstick it's kinda odd in here..imagine walking down the college and ppl keep staring at ur black lips, just walking and worrieng about ur looks that do not seem to me fun..hope u accept my opinion girl..i liked ur blog but u r somehow slow in ur posts we need mmmmmmmooooooorrrrrrrreee

love ya :*